Pro Audio

Gearforce is passionate about pro audio. We dedicate our days and nights to it, and to the highest level of service. Our equipment is efficiently packaged and well-maintained to provide you peace of mind, and our world class technicians will ensure that all of your details are taken care of

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What’s New Around Here
In 2017, we became the largest D&B company in Canada. With an inventory that includes J series, V series, Y series, B series as well as Infra subs, we have everything you need for events of 60 people to 60,000 people
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Canada's largest Avid console inventory, now with 3 S6L consoles!
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Rob, Lawrie and Ryan went to Dallas, TX to get 2 days of intensive advanced wireless training from industry leaders James Stoffo (Professional Wireless, RAD Systems), Karl Winkler (Lectrosonics), and Tim Vear (Shure)
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Sennheiser 3732 II systems with 5000 series handhelds are now available for rent. We’ve doubled our Sennheiser ear monitor systems as well, with the addition of the 2050 IEM
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Radioactive Designs understands the challenges we are entering into with limited bandwidth for wireless products, so they have developed a new very high end wireless intercom system, the UV-G1. We have one of the three systems in Canada now for rent
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On Tour With Gearforce

Bryan Adams

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Diana Krall

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